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360 Degree Wireless HD Camera System

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Install the camera in the area you want to monitor, plug it in to power. Turn on your NVR and you can view a 360 degree view of the area in high definition with the fisheye 3 megapixel camera. This system is just about perfect for anyone. You can use this in your home to keep an eye on your pets, children, and property. It is also perfect for warehouses, convenience stores, clubs, and offices.

The IntelliSpy 360 wireless complete system supplies a crisp clear panoramic view and has motion detection recording capability. Motion detection recording helps to save storage space since it will only record when there is motion. It makes it easier to find an event rather than skimming through hours of uneventful video footage. It has a wireless range of 180 feet, through walls this will be less. It comes with a 2TB hard drive installed and will record 10 days of recording. When using motion detection the record time will increase. Connects to your internet so you can view the system from anywhere in the world. When viewing on the monitor or remotely through the app you can view a full 360 degree view of the area under surveillance. It comes with quad view software installed. This splits the 360 degree view into 4 screens. You will see 1 overhead view and 3 side shots it’s pretty amazing. 

Wireless NVR Specs: Video : 4Ch 1080P, 1ch VGA, 1Ch HDMI output, 1Ch BNC Video, Playback Channels: 4Ch, SATA port: 1 SATA ports up to 4TB hard drive, Camera auto connect, easy operation, Wi-Fi Effective Distance: 180 feet

Kits contains: 1 pcs 3.0MP IP Fisheye camera, 1 pcs 4ch 1080P NVR with 2Tb hard drive installed, 1 pcs network cable, 1 pcs 12V 3A+1pcs 12V 1A power supply, 1 pcs Mouse


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