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Automatic Expandable Steel Baton Black Handle


Automatic Expandable Steel Baton Black Handle

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Get ready for the incredible Automatic Expandable Steel Baton! With just a simple push of a button, this baton swiftly extends 20.5 inches of solid steel into your hand. Your attacker won't even see it coming!

This baton is designed with the highest quality construction for ultimate strength and durability. It can extend from 8.5 feet to an impressive 20.5 feet in lightning-fast motion. Plus, it's coated to prevent corrosion and features a firm, black rubber sleeved handle that ensures a steady and intimidating grip.

When it's time to retract the baton, you can easily do so by simply pushing the tip with your palm. No need to strike it on a hard floor or struggle to close it like other steel batons. This is the world's first easy-to-close steel baton!

The Automatic Steel Baton is the top choice for security guards and law enforcement officials all around the globe. It's also perfect for postmen, hikers, and anyone who may need to break glass for emergency exits.

So why wait? Take control of any situation with the push of a button and the power of the Automatic Expandable Steel Baton!

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21.5 inches, 31 inches

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