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Shop Assistant Pepper Sprays Shoplifters, Drags One Back Inside

Check how thois lady handles shoplifters. Pepper spray this.

Two men in Finland who thought they could sneak beer past an employee had quite the surprise recently. ‚Äč

Thinking they could get away with the beer, the two men attempted to walk by a woman standing at the entrance of the store. They got more than they expected.

The employee quickly grabbed a can of pepper spray and used it on one of the thieves as the second man dodged behind him.

When the two men attempted to leave the store without the beer, the employee still wouldn’t let them go. In an effort to leave, they pulled her out of the store – but she fought back.

The woman pulled one of the men back into the store as the other man apparently threatened her. Then, he attempted to calm her down as she activated an alarm.

Though video footage of the event cuts off after that point, other news outlets have reported that the paramedics arrived shortly after. 

According to store owner Saku Kytola, who uploaded the video, police resources are not reliable and penalties for theft are often insignificant.

“We have no other mode of operation to be able to intervene,” Kytola said.

It’s unclear what became of the two men.

Sources: The Blaze, Mirror

Photo Credit: YouTube


via Female Shop Assistant Pepper Sprays Shoplifters, Drags One Back Inside (Video)


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