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10 DIY Mouse and Rat Traps to Safeguard Your Food Storage

This article presents an updated guide on DIY Mouse and Rat Traps. The initial post was released several years ago, and we are committed to enhancing it as we discover new homemade rat trap techniques and ways to protect our food storage from mice.

Why Homemade Traps are Essential

Discovering a mouse or rat in your food supplies can be a nightmare. These critters are carriers of diseases, capable of chewing through various materials, and can squeeze through tiny openings. The storage areas where we keep our food, typically cool, dark, and dry, are like a paradise for mice and rats. If left unnoticed, these rodents can cause significant damage to your food stockpile in no time.

Effective Homemade Traps

When dealing with a rat or mouse infestation, using traps is a practical solution. While store-bought traps are readily available, there are times when you need to rely on DIY methods. Here are ten homemade traps that can help you tackle the issue:

1. Paper Rat Trap

A simple and commonly used homemade rat trap that requires paper, a raised surface, a trash can, and tape. Paper towel tubes can also be used as an alternative to paper.

2. Cup Rat Trap

This trap utilizes a cup, which not only serves as a trap but also allows for easy transportation of the captured rodent. You can choose to catch and release the rat or deal with it conveniently while trapped in the cup.

3. Bowl Rat Trap

Similar to a deadfall trap, the bowl trap is easy to set up. Ensure you select a sufficiently large bowl to prevent bait theft by the rodent.

4. Cable Tie Rat Trap

While more complex, this trap is effective and requires additional materials. It may not be the most humane method, but it is a tidy approach to dealing with the issue.

5. Spinner Mouse Trap

A clever trap made using a bottle, a bucket, wire, and peanut butter as bait. Mice are attracted to peanut butter, making this trap quite effective.

6. Walk-the-Plank Mouse Trap

This trap is a step up from the basic design as it reloads itself. By utilizing wood and screws, you can easily construct this trap, which can continuously catch rodents.

7. Cannon Mouse Trap

While a homemade cannon trap may be more of a project, it adds an element of entertainment to the trapping process.

8. Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

A simple yet effective trap that demonstrates traps don't have to be intricate to work. The trap lures mice into a flap they can't escape from.

9. Balloon Mouse Trap

This trap's success may vary based on the balloon type and inflation level. While it may not work in all cases, it provides a unique approach to catching rodents.

10. Flip & Slide Mouse Trap

An innovative trap that can be replicated using household items. Alternatively, you can opt for a ready-made Flip & Slide trap for a hassle-free solution.


Creating a homemade rat trap can safeguard your food supplies from contamination and damage. With a variety of DIY methods available, you can effectively address rodent infestations using materials readily available at home. While commercial traps are effective, knowing how to craft your own traps can be a valuable skill in times of need.

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Stay informed, stay prepared, and prioritize safety.


By: Rusty Collins
Title: 10 DIY Mouse and Rat Traps to Safeguard Your Food Storage
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Published Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2024 11:56:16 +0000

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