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Book Review: The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman


Are you looking for a comprehensive guidebook to help you navigate through the challenges of an apocalypse? Look no further than Suzanne Sherman's The Lost Frontier Handbook.

The Lost Ways Book Series

The Lost Frontier Handbook is an integral part of the highly popular “Lost Ways” book series. This series is renowned for its valuable insights and practical advice on survival techniques.

Practical Food Preservation Techniques

One of the key highlights of The Lost Frontier Handbook is its extensive coverage of food preservation methods when refrigeration is not an option. This book offers a plethora of practical tips and techniques to ensure your food remains fresh and edible during challenging times.

Historical Examples

Furthermore, The Lost Frontier Handbook provides fascinating historical examples of food preservation techniques used centuries ago. By delving into the past, this book sheds light on the resourceful methods our ancestors employed to keep their food supplies intact.

Essential Tools and Firearms

In addition to food preservation, this handbook offers valuable insights on the essential tools and firearms you should have on your homestead. Suzanne Sherman's years of preparedness experience in the mountains of Utah make her advice particularly reliable and trustworthy.

The Section on Preserving Eggs

A standout section in this handbook is the one dedicated to preserving eggs. The information provided in this chapter alone is worth more than the price of the book. It offers invaluable techniques to ensure your egg supply remains viable and accessible during challenging times.

Traditional Book or Digital Download

The Lost Frontier Handbook is available in both traditional printed form and as a convenient digital download for your phone. This allows you to access the book's valuable content anytime, anywhere, making it an essential resource for survival enthusiasts.


In conclusion, The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman is a must-have guidebook for anyone seeking to enhance their survival skills and preparedness. With its comprehensive coverage of food preservation techniques, historical insights, and practical advice on tools and firearms, this book is an invaluable treasure trove of knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned survivalist or a beginner, this handbook is guaranteed to equip you with the necessary skills to navigate through challenging times.



By: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft
Title: Book Review: The Lost Frontier Handbook by Suzanne Sherman
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Published Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2023 06:02:00 +0000

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