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Chiappa Little Badger: The Ultimate Survival Hunting Rifle

A Versatile Rifle for Various Needs

The Chiappa Little Badger has gained a reputation as an excellent field, youth, and survival rifle since its release. While it may not be the weapon of choice for overthrowing governments or fighting off hordes of zombies, it excels in backwoods environments. Weighing less than 3 pounds and priced below $200, the Chiappa Little Badger offers an appealing option for those seeking a reliable survival hunting rifle.

Features and Accessories

The Chiappa Little Badger comes equipped with military-style peep sights that are familiar to servicemen. While the factory sights are adequate, some users choose to file the front sight thinner for improved accuracy. The rifle also features four removable Picatinny rails that serve as a handguard and provide a mounting point for accessories. However, it's important to note that these panels are made of polymer and may not maintain a precise zero with an optic.

The skeletonized buttstock of the Little Badger includes an integral round holder, although many users opt not to utilize it. Chiappa offers a range of factory accessories, such as hammer extenders, buttstock pouches, pistol grips, and carrying cases, allowing users to customize their rifle to their specific needs.

A Different Approach: Small Game Hunting

Rather than creating a do-it-all survival rifle, we decided to focus on making our Chiappa Little Badger a dedicated small game hunting tool. We wanted all our essential items to be in one package for convenience and efficiency. We replaced the integral shell holder with a pouch to protect the ammunition from the elements and improve accessibility.

To further optimize our hunting setup, we attached a Wilmont Knives K23 small fixed blade to the stock. This allowed us to gut and skin game immediately if necessary, streamlining the hunting process.

Compact and Portable

While the Little Badger is already compact when folded, we aimed to make it even smaller. We removed the lower Picatinny rail from the barrel, which not only eliminated unnecessary weight but also allowed the rifle to fold slightly smaller. To further reduce its size, we disassembled the Badger into two separate pieces instead of simply folding it. We replaced the factory screw with a 1/2-inch cable runner from a hardware store to hold the barrel securely.

With these modifications, the Little Badger becomes incredibly compact, measuring only around 17 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width at its widest point. Its small size makes it highly portable and easy to carry during hunting expeditions.

Efficient Reloading

As a single-shot break action rifle, the Little Badger requires efficient reloading to maximize its potential. We created a quick-load point using elastic, webbing, Velcro, and needle and thread. This removable three-round holder allows for fast reloading and is positioned next to the action for easy access. By placing it on the trigger portion of the rifle, we ensured quick and smooth reloads.

Stealthy Performance

For those who prefer quiet hunting, the Chiappa Little Badger offers options for reduced noise. Subsonic ammunition or CB Caps, which rely solely on primer power, can be used for a quieter shooting experience. Additionally, the rifle comes threaded in ½x28mm, allowing for the attachment of a silencer. We chose the Bowers Bitty, a compact and lightweight silencer, and paired it with the Gemtech 22QDA for quick attachment and removal.

With the combination of the Badger's closed action, subsonic ammunition, and the Bowers Bitty, the rifle becomes incredibly quiet. The muted report coupled with the rifle's accuracy makes it a perfect tool for small game hunting.


While the Chiappa Little Badger should not be considered a replacement for your main fighting guns, it serves as an excellent augment to your arsenal. Its lightweight, compact design, and dedicated small game hunting capabilities make it a valuable tool for survival situations. Whether you're hunting for dinner or need to supplement your provisions, the Chiappa Little Badger is a reliable and efficient survival hunting rifle.


– Caliber: .22LR
– Overall Length: 31 inches
– Magazine Capacity: 1
– Weight: 2.9 pounds
– MSRP: $265-$310
– Accessories:
– Bower Bitty Silencer: $390
– Gemtech 22QDA: $132
– Wilmont K-23: $225
– Price (Depending on Little Badger Model): $1012-$1057

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By: Dave Merrill
Title: Chiappa Little Badger: The Ultimate Survival Hunting Rifle
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Published Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2023 12:00:58 +0000

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