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Concealed Carbine Pack: Full-Sized Firepower In a Compact Carrier

Concealing a Handgun in a Backpack

Concealing a handgun in a backpack is a relatively straightforward task. Even the smallest packs can accommodate a pistol, holster, and spare magazines with ease. However, when it comes to carrying a concealed carbine, choosing the right pack becomes a higher priority. While large backpacks can easily hold a rifle, they may draw attention and give away the presence of a gun. This is not ideal when you're walking through public places like hotel lobbies or parking lots.

Choosing the Right Pack

Smaller packs may not have enough space for your rifle or may appear bulky and awkward once loaded. To find a suitable solution, it's important to strike a balance between concealment and functionality. The Vertx Basecamp, part of the Gamut series, offers a happy medium for carrying a fully concealed, multi-role folding carbine.

The Carbine Setup

The Vertx Basecamp proved to be a snug but functional fit for a 12.5-inch AR with a LAW Tactical folding stock adapter and a 20-round magazine. This carbine setup also includes a Nightforce NX8 1-8x optic in a Badger Ordnance Condition One 1.7-inch-height mount, a Holosun 509T red dot on a KOENG.CO 12 o'clock mount, and a LAW Tactical ARIC bolt carrier for immediate firing without unfolding the stock or putting on ear protection. The addition of a Thunder Beast Dominus-K suppressor ensures day and night capability.

Additional Features

In addition to its functionality as a concealed carbine carrier, the Vertx Basecamp offers several useful features. It has a removable laptop sleeve on the interior and zippered pouches for storing small items. The Dark Earth color not only adds to the bag's aesthetics but also helps with concealment in arid desert environments. The pack includes a Hot-Pull Tab for quick and easy access to the main compartment. Internal storage allows for the concealment of other items such as a fixed blade knife, an ankle IFAK, and a SureFire Stiletto light. The external stretch pockets provide space for a water purifier bottle and other essentials.


The Vertx Basecamp offers a well-rounded and durable backpack option at an affordable price. It is ideal for those in need of a multi-role backpack that provides concealment for a range of items, from subcompact pistols to carbines, medkits, and spare magazines. With its solid construction and reliability, the Basecamp is a top choice for those looking for a versatile and high-quality backpack.

For more information on the Vertx Basecamp, visit their official website.

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Title: Concealed Carbine Pack: Full-Sized Firepower In a Compact Carrier
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