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beginner friendly diversion safe projects

Simple DIY Diversion Safe Projects for Beginners

For simple DIY diversion safe projects for beginners, contemplate transforming household items like hollowed-out books or fake plants to discreetly store valuables. You can repurpose soda cans, soup cans, or even wall outlets for ingenious hiding spots. Additionally, craft a hidden compartment inside a candle or a wall clock to keep small belongings secure. For a more advanced project, hollow out a book in order to create a secret storage space. These beginner-friendly projects offer creative ways to safeguard your items at home. Want to investigate more DIY diversion safe ideas?

Household Items Diversion Safe

For creating a Household Items Diversion Safe, you can easily repurpose everyday objects found in your home in order to discreetly store valuables. This method isn't only clever but also provides a sense of security and belonging, knowing that your precious items are well-hidden within familiar items.

One popular choice involves using a hollowed-out book, but there are various other creative options available.

One common household item you can transform into a diversion safe is a canned food container. By thoroughly cleaning out a can and removing the label, you can create a secret compartment for stashing cash or small jewelry items.

Another idea involves using an empty cleaning product bottle. By doing a bit of crafting, you can fashion a hidden compartment inside where you can keep important documents or spare keys.

Book Diversion Safe

Let's investigate the clever world of Book Diversion Safes. Discover the fundamentals of Book Safe Basics, learn how to personalize your safe using Designing Your Safe tips, and find out the best Placement Tips to guarantee your valuables stay discreetly hidden.

Get ready to transform an ordinary book into a secret storage solution with these crucial insights.

Book Safe Basics

Creating a book diversion safe involves carefully hollowing out the pages of a book in order to conceal valuable items within. This DIY project isn't only practical but also offers a clever way to keep your belongings secure in plain sight.

To start, select a hardcover book that looks inconspicuous on a shelf, making sure it has enough pages to hide your items effectively. You'll need a sharp craft knife, a ruler, and some glue. Begin by opening the book and drawing an outline on the pages that will be carved out, leaving a border around the edges to maintain the book's structural integrity.

Slowly cut through the pages using the craft knife, removing small sections at a time until you reach the desired depth. Remember to periodically test your progress by closing the book to confirm your items will be properly hidden.

Once hollowed out, apply glue to the remaining edges to secure the compartment. This basic process forms the foundation for designing a personalized book safe that seamlessly integrates into your home decor.

Designing Your Safe

Now, as you progress in creating your book diversion safe, think about integrating elements that harmoniously blend into your book collection and home decor. When designing your safe, contemplate the following tips to guarantee it not only keeps your belongings secure but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space:

  • Size Matters: Choose a book size that fits well with your existing collection to avoid suspicion.
  • Cover Selection: Opt for a book cover that complements the style of your other books to maintain a cohesive look.
  • Title Selection: Select a book title that fits naturally alongside your reading preferences for added authenticity.
  • Page Customization: Customize the interior pages to match the content of the book's title for a realistic touch.
  • Details Count: Pay attention to small details like wear and tear to make your book safe seamlessly blend in.

Placement Tips

Think about strategic placement for your book diversion safe to maximize its effectiveness as a hidden storage solution within your home. When contemplating where to position your book diversion safe, opt for areas that seamlessly integrate with your existing book collection. This could be on a bookshelf, tucked between other books, or even on a bedside table. Make sure that the book diversion safe isn't easily noticeable or out of place.

For added security, think about placing the book diversion safe in a room that sees frequent foot traffic, as this can deter potential intruders. Additionally, ponder areas that are less likely to be searched in the event of a break-in, such as a study or living room.

It's also crucial to keep your book diversion safe in a spot where it won't be accidentally discovered by guests or family members. Avoid placing it in areas where people often browse through books or belongings casually.

Soda Can Diversion Safe

Craft a soda can diversion safe by carefully removing the top lid of an empty soda can using a can opener, guaranteeing a clean and precise cut for a seamless concealment compartment. Once you've mastered this step, you're on your way to creating a clever hiding spot for your valuables.

Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

  • Choose a Suitable Can: Opt for a popular soda brand to maintain authenticity.
  • Clean the Can Thoroughly: Make sure the can is completely empty and free of any residue.
  • Use a Sharp Can Opener: A sharp can opener will assist you in achieving a neat cut.
  • Secure the Edges: File down any sharp edges to prevent accidental cuts.
  • Select a Discreet Location: Place your soda can safe among other drinks in the fridge for added camouflage.

Wall Outlet Diversion Safe

Creating a Wall Outlet Diversion Safe, begin by choosing a standard wall outlet cover that blends seamlessly alongside your existing decor. Select a cover that matches the color and style of the outlets in your home to make certain it doesn't stand out.

Once you have the cover, carefully remove it from the wall, making sure to turn off the power to that outlet for safety. Next, clean out any debris or dust inside the outlet box to create space for your hidden items.

To convert the outlet cover into a diversion safe, you can attach a small metal container to the inside of the cover using strong adhesive. This container can then hold valuables such as spare keys, cash, or small jewelry pieces.

Candle Diversion Safe

Utilize an ordinary candle as a clever diversion safe for discreetly storing small items within your home. A Candle Diversion Safe can blend seamlessly into your decor while providing a hidden spot for your valuables. Here's how to create your own:

  • Choose a Candle: Pick a candle that matches your home's aesthetic and make sure it has a removable base or a hollow center large enough to hold your items.
  • Prepare the Candle: Carefully remove the wick and melt the wax inside the candle using a heat source.
  • Insert Your Items: Once the wax is melted, place your small valuables inside the hollow center of the candle.
  • Let It Solidify: Allow the wax to cool and solidify around your items to secure them in place.
  • Reassemble and Display: Once the wax has hardened, reattach the base or cover the hole to make it look like a regular candle again.

With a Candle Diversion Safe, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are cleverly hidden in plain sight.

Hairbrush Diversion Safe

Contemplate transforming an ordinary hairbrush into a discreet Hairbrush Diversion Safe for stashing your small belongings in a clever and inconspicuous manner. This DIY project is perfect for keeping your valuables secure while blending seamlessly among your everyday items.

To create a Hairbrush Diversion Safe, you'll need a clean hairbrush, a screwdriver, a small storage container, and some heavy-duty adhesive.

Start by carefully removing the handle of the hairbrush using a screwdriver. Next, hollow out the handle to create space for your storage container. Guarantee the container fits snugly inside the handle without being visible from the outside. Attach the container securely using heavy-duty adhesive and let it dry completely before reattaching the brush head.

Once the adhesive has set, your Hairbrush Diversion Safe is ready for use. Simply unscrew the brush head to access your hidden compartment for storing small items like cash, jewelry, or keys.

Place the Hairbrush Diversion Safe among your other hair care products, and no one will suspect its true purpose. This clever DIY project provides a discreet and secure way to keep your belongings safe.

Soup Can Diversion Safe

Craft a discreet and secure Soup Can Diversion Safe by repurposing a common household item in order to cleverly conceal your valuable possessions.

When looking for ways to create your own diversion safe using a soup can, here are five simple steps to guide you through the process:

  • Choose a clean and empty soup can having a label that can easily be removed.
  • Carefully remove the label from the can for creating a smooth surface for customization.
  • Use paint or decorative paper for covering the can, making it appear appealing and less suspicious.
  • Once the can has been decorated, place your valuables inside and seal the lid securely.
  • Finally, locate a spot in your pantry or kitchen where the soup can will blend naturally among other items.

Fake Plant Diversion Safe

Contemplate repurposing a fake plant as a clever diversion safe for discreetly safeguarding your valuables in plain view. Fake plant diversion safes offer a subtle yet effective way to protect your belongings from prying eyes. These safes blend seamlessly into your home décor, making them an inconspicuous choice for storing items like jewelry, cash, or important documents.

To create a fake plant diversion safe, start by selecting a realistic-looking artificial plant that has enough space within its base or pot to conceal your valuables. Guarantee the plant is of adequate size to accommodate the items you wish to hide.

Next, carefully hollow out a section in the plant's base where you can securely tuck away your possessions. Remember to cover the opening with faux soil or leaves to maintain the plant's authenticity.

Fake plant diversion safes are perfect for adding an extra layer of security to your home while preserving a sense of style and belonging. By utilizing this DIY project, you can keep your valuables safe and sound within plain view.

DIY Wall Clock Safe

Repurpose a wall clock into a discreet and clever safe for storing your valuables securely within your home. It's a simple yet effective way to keep your belongings hidden in plain sight.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when creating your DIY Wall Clock Safe:

  • Choose a Large Clock: Opt for a wall clock with a decent depth to allow space for your hidden compartment.
  • Secure the Back: Make sure the back of the clock is sturdy and can be easily removed to access the safe.
  • Create a Hidden Compartment: Utilize the interior to hide your items, ensuring they're well-secured within the clock.
  • Blend with Decor: Paint or decorate the clock to match your home's interior, maintaining its camouflage.
  • Install Strategically: Hang the clock in a spot that looks natural but is also convenient for you to access your hidden treasures.

With these steps, you can transform a regular wall clock into a functional and inconspicuous safe for your valuables.

Hollowed Out Book Safe

To craft a discreet hiding spot for your valuables, contemplate creating a hollowed out book safe that blends seamlessly into your bookshelf. This DIY project isn't only functional but also adds a touch of mystery and charm in your home decor.

Begin by selecting a hardcover book that you no longer need or can spare for this purpose. Make sure the book is thick enough for hollowing out a substantial compartment.

Using a pencil, outline the area you wish to carve out, leaving a border around the edges for stability. Using a sharp craft knife, carefully cut along the marked lines, gradually removing the pages to create a cavity.

Once the hollowing process is complete, you can further secure your secret safe by applying a layer of glue around the edges of the pages. This will help maintain the outer appearance intact while allowing you to access your hidden compartment easily.

Place your valuables inside, and confidently display your disguised book safe on your shelf, knowing that your belongings are cleverly concealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Diversion Safes Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, diversion safes can be used outdoors, but it's important to think about weatherproofing and durability. Look for materials that can withstand outdoor elements. Regular maintenance and proper sealing are essential to guarantee longevity and effectiveness.

Are These Diversion Safes Waterproof?

If you're wondering about waterproofing, these diversion safes aren't typically designed for extensive exposure to water. They're more suited for indoor use in order to maintain the integrity of your valuables.

How Can I Make the Diversion Safe Blend in Better?

To make the diversion safe blend in better, contemplate using everyday items like books, cans, or even a fake plant to camouflage it. Match the item with its surroundings to create a seamless and inconspicuous hiding spot.

Are These Diversion Safes Child-Proof?

Yes, these diversion safes can be made child-proof by making some simple modifications. By adding secure locks, hidden compartments, and tamper-resistant features, you can guarantee that your diversion safe remains inaccessible by children.

Can These Diversion Safes Be Easily Transported?

Absolutely, these diversion safes can be easily transported. Their compact size and lightweight materials make them convenient for carrying around. You'll have peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure wherever you go.


To wrap up, crafting your own diversion safe can be a fun and practical DIY project for beginners. Remember, 'out of sight, out of mind' – by hiding your valuables in plain sight, you can keep them safe and secure while adding a personal touch to your home decor.

So get creative and start crafting your own unique diversion safe today!

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