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Essential Kids’ Bug Out Bag List for 2024

When it comes to emergency preparedness, children should not be left behind. Crafting a bug out bag for kids requires a different approach compared to adults. The focus is on providing comfort and security rather than heavy survival gear. Here is a comprehensive guide to essential items for a kids’ bug out bag.

Importance of Kids’ Bug Out Bag List

As 90% of adults have children by the age of 50, knowing how to assemble a kid-friendly bug out bag is crucial for families. Even if you don’t encounter an emergency, having a well-prepared bag for your child is always beneficial. Children have unique needs and responses to stressful situations, making it essential to tailor their bug out bag accordingly.

Kids’ Bug Out Bag Essentials

For kids aged three and above, the bug out bag essentials are carefully selected to cater to their requirements:

Contact Information

Include contact details in case the child gets separated from you during an emergency. This ensures a quick reunion and adds a layer of safety.

Comfort Items

Allow space for comforting items like a teddy bear or blanket to provide emotional support during distressing times.

Snack Food

Keep high-calorie and nutritious snacks to sustain kids’ energy levels, considering their smaller bodies.

Change of Clothes

Include spare clothes using a skivvy roll technique to maximize space in the bag.

Steel Water Container

Opt for a stainless steel water container for versatility and durability, allowing you to heat water or food if needed.

Bivy Sack

Consider a bivy sack as a compact alternative to a sleeping bag, ensuring comfort without adding excessive weight.

Hygiene Kit

Hygiene is essential, even on the go. Include basic hygiene items to maintain cleanliness.


Provide a headlamp for hands-free lighting, allowing kids to engage in various activities during low-light conditions.


Encourage creativity and organization by including a waterproof notebook for jotting down thoughts and experiences.


Pair the notebook with a survival pen to enable writing, drawing, and playing games to keep kids engaged.

Water Filter

Include a personal water filter for clean drinking water, as it is easy to use and beneficial in survival situations.


Keep small games like survival playing cards to entertain kids and maintain morale during challenging times.


Equip the bag with a mylar poncho for protection against the elements, serving dual purposes and saving space.

N95 Mask

For added safety, include a small-sized N95 mask to protect kids from airborne contaminants.

While these items cover the essentials, consider adding a few suggested items to enhance your child’s bug out bag.

Suggested Additional Items

Enhance the bug out bag with non-essential items that can further improve your child’s preparedness:

  • Glow Sticks: Add glow sticks for visibility and entertainment, especially in low-light conditions.


By: Sean Gold
Title: Essential Kids’ Bug Out Bag List for 2024
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Published Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2024 10:39:45 +0000

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