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Exploring CANCON Arizona 2024: A Firearm Enthusiast’s Paradise

CANCON Arizona 2024, held just outside Phoenix, marked a significant milestone in the firearms community. The event brought together avid enthusiasts, manufacturers, and professionals for a jam-packed weekend featuring innovative suppressor showcases, competitive shooting contests, and interactive vendor displays. Spearheaded by Gun Broker, this unique gathering attracted a global audience and solidified its position as a must-attend affair for firearm aficionados.

Event Venue: Ben Avery Shooting Center

The action unfolded at the renowned Ben Avery Shooting Center, renowned for its extensive and well-kept facilities. This location served as the ideal setting for CANCON Arizona, leveraging the sunny Arizona climate to create a vibrant and immersive ambiance for all attendees. With ample shooting lanes and bustling vendor booths, the center buzzed with excitement, reflecting the enthusiasm and energy of the participants.

Event Highlights

From live silencer demonstrations and nighttime shotgun shooting to suppressed belt-fed machine guns and competitive shooting events, the venue's layout allowed for a diverse range of activities. The spacious setup facilitated seamless transitions between different areas, ensuring attendees could explore all aspects of the event without feeling cramped. A standout feature was the option for participants to complete purchase paperwork immediately after test-driving a product at the range.

New Product Unveilings

CANCON Arizona 2024 served as a prime platform for unveiling new products. Notable among these was Aero Precision's Solus competition rifle, featuring a chassis and the Lahar-30 suppressor. This precision-designed rifle, offering ease of use at a competitive price point, appealed to both seasoned marksmen and newcomers alike.

Silencer Innovations

The event's silencer demonstrations were a major draw. B&T showcased their breaching shotgun suppressors, garnering attention for their innovative design and efficiency in law enforcement and military applications. Integrated suppressors in lever-action rifles also turned heads for their unconventional yet effective design, showcasing the advancements in firearm technology.

Pros vs. Joes Competition

One of the highlights was the Pros vs. Joes competition, where randomly selected participants faced off against industry professionals in blind challenges using various firearms and suppressors. This added an element of surprise and excitement, engaging both participants and spectators alike.

Run-N-Gun TV Series

A fresh addition to CANCON was the Run-N-Gun TV series, an industry-only competition filmed for broadcast. This challenge tested shooters' skills in a time-based format, adding an element of thrill and competition to the event.

Vendor Showcase

The vendor participation was exceptional, with leading manufacturers and retailers showcasing their products. Attendees had the opportunity to interact directly with industry experts, test new products, and benefit from exclusive deals and discounts, enhancing the overall event experience.

VIP Experience

The VIP experience at CANCON AZ offered early access, exclusive gear, and the chance to test firearms before the general public. VIP ticket holders enjoyed a premium experience, including firing suppressed weapons under night vision optics.

Educational Initiatives

CANCON emphasized education through interactive experiences like the Proving Grounds competition stage and involvement of local shooting teams, promoting knowledge sharing and skill development within the firearms community.

Community Engagement

Local organizations like Boy Scout Troop 531 played a vital role in supporting the event, adding to the community spirit of CANCON Arizona and highlighting the importance of local participation and engagement.

Final Verdict

CANCON Arizona 2024 was a triumph, uniting firearm enthusiasts, professionals, and community members for a weekend of innovation and education. The event's emphasis on hands-on experiences and skill development, coupled with vendor showcases and competitions, solidified its status as a premier gathering for suppressed firearm enthusiasts.

For more information and updates on upcoming events, visit the official CANCON website and explore detailed coverage on RECOILweb.


By: Patrick Diedrich
Title: Exploring CANCON Arizona 2024: A Firearm Enthusiast's Paradise
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Published Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 11:00:42 +0000

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