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Happy Preppers vs. Cynical Preppers

Prepping can be a challenging task. With numerous risks and scenarios to consider, people often have different emotional responses to them. Some individuals are happy preppers, while others tend to be more cynical about the state of the world. Media tends to focus more on cynical preppers, who may come across as reclusive and believe that the rest of the world is wrong. However, there is no right or wrong way to prep, and each approach can have an impact on individuals and their communities. In this article, we will explore how mindset can affect prepping and help you determine whether you are a happy prepper.

Cynical Preppers: Observations

Preppers generally have a good understanding of the risks involved and continuously educate themselves while acquiring various skills. However, when sharing their knowledge, they may come across as know-it-alls, which can lead to others dismissing their insights. This can be frustrating for both parties involved. The knowledge sharer may believe that the listener simply doesn't want to learn, while the listener may consider the knowledge sharer as cynical. It's important to note that presentation is just as important as the content being shared.

Cynical preppers often don't care if they are perceived as cynical. Many of them prefer to be lone wolves and avoid joining groups unless they are offered positions of power. Their mentality is often “my way or the highway,” which is fine as long as they always know what they are doing. However, the danger arises when they don't. Cynical preppers tend to assume the worst in others and prepare for inevitable situations where someone will mess up and cause a major problem. They have little sympathy for those who are unprepared or unaware of the risks involved. While these assumptions can protect cynical preppers in emergencies, it can be challenging to build trust with someone who inherently distrusts others.

Happy Preppers: Observations

For happy preppers, the concept of community is crucial. Prepping groups are an embodiment of this idea, as they bring together like-minded individuals with complementary strengths and weaknesses. Trust is a fundamental aspect for these groups to function effectively. Happy preppers understand that cynicism has its limits and embrace the potential for cooperation and collaboration.

But why are they happy?

Happy individuals make better group members. It can be argued that they enjoy being part of a group because they are already happy, or that they are happy because they are part of a group. Either way, pleasant people are generally more enjoyable to be around, even in situations where prepping for potential disasters is involved.

While cynics tend to focus on flaws and deficiencies, happy preppers uplift others and identify opportunities. It is a common misconception that happy preppers have unrealistic expectations of a perfect world. In reality, their happiness stems from their positive tone and ability to avoid tearing others down. Happiness refers to their approach and communication style, rather than the circumstances they prepare for, as all preppers know that these situations are typically far from happy.

The Middle Ground

So, are you a cynical prepper or a happy prepper?

Instead of labeling yourself, consider embracing the strengths of both approaches. As mentioned earlier, there are advantages and disadvantages to both mindsets. Labels are insufficient to describe the depth and complexity of prepping. Strive to incorporate the strengths of both happy preppers and cynical preppers to overcome your weaknesses.

To summarize, the main strengths of happy preppers lie in their sense of community and their ability to communicate effectively and pleasantly. On the other hand, cynical preppers excel at questioning the status quo and finding solutions to complex problems. Achieving the perfect balance between the two is impossible, but it is a goal worth pursuing.

The Final Word

It is essential to question intentions without offending others. Seek knowledge and expertise, but avoid adopting a know-it-all attitude. If you find yourself never asking questions or exploring different scenarios, it may be beneficial to embrace a bit of cynicism. On the other hand, if prepping feels isolating or if you tend to be abrasive in group settings, it might be worth trying to adopt a happier mindset. Find the middle ground, and thrive as a prepper.


By: Rusty Collins
Title: Happy Preppers vs. Cynical Preppers
Sourced From:
Published Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2023 12:45:52 +0000

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