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How To Convert Your Mower into a Generator

Spring is here and that means yard work. Some people have started to plant their gardens while others tend to their chickens. Most of us have to cut the grass. You may be hearing the Home Depot song as you think about mulching, planting, and tidying up after winter's sleep. But I have been cutting my grass already and it is time for another trip to the lawnmower.

When I thought about cutting the grass, I began to wonder if I could use my lawnmower. Why? If you're like me, you don't want to think about a neatly trimmed yard.

We might all have to take down the green carpet in order to make room for more garden space. What can we do with our mower? What other uses could the mower serve, even if there was a grid-down emergency?

Quick internet searches quickly led to a few great ideas. This article was inspired by the first. The site provides detailed instructions for how to convert your lawnmower's engine, spare alternator, wires and knowledge into a fully functional generator. The following parts and tools are required.

  • Lawn Engine Motor
  • Alternator – You can often find one in a wrecked car or junkyard.
  • Electrical Wires – Think wire harness for your car's battery
  • Belts are for engines, not your pants.
  • Cast Iron Pulley
  • Mounting bracket

Here's the link to the complete instruction document for converting your mower into an emergency generator. It is full of great information and pictures.

How to turn a lawnmower in a generator

This video shows the concept. However, they went one step further and converted their lawnmower to run on propane. This could prove very useful in emergency situations where no gas is available. However, propane can be used to refill your grill tanks.

Bonus: Convert a Weed Eater into a Boat Motor!

This guy transformed an old weed-eater in to a johnboat engine! The possibilities for prepper genius are endless!


By: Doomsday Prep
Title: How To Convert Your Mower into a Generator
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Published Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 16:32:19 +0000

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