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Night Vision: Armasight’s PVS-14 “Starter Kit”


Having a night vision device (NOD) as part of your preparedness plan can provide immense capabilities in dark environments. In this article, we will discuss Armasight's PVS-14 “Starter Kit” and its benefits for night vision enthusiasts. We believe that night vision devices are essential for personal safety and security, surpassing other considerations such as body armor or ammunition stockpiles.

The Importance of Night Vision

In a world where darkness covers 50 percent of our time, the ability to see clearly at night is crucial. Crime statistics show that people are more likely to engage in illegal activities under the cover of darkness. Moreover, when resources are scarce, or individuals feel threatened or afraid, the risk of encountering dangerous situations increases. Therefore, having the ability to see without being seen becomes immensely important.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Night Vision

While night vision is commonly associated with shooting-related activities, its applications go beyond that. One of the most obvious uses is passive observation, where night vision devices provide a clear view of the surrounding area. Night vision also greatly enhances driving at night, particularly in blackout conditions or when traversing backroad trails. Night vision devices can also be useful for activities like camping, rural retreats, and even checking for trouble in your own home. The hands-free operation of night vision devices sets them apart from portable light sources like flashlights and lanterns.

The Cost Barrier

One of the main barriers to entry for consumers interested in night vision is the high cost. Night vision devices are expensive due to the specialized materials and equipment required for their production. Additionally, they are produced in limited quantities compared to other consumer electronics. To fully utilize night vision devices, they must be considered as a system rather than individual items, which further adds to the cost.

Armasight's NV Starter Kit

Armasight has addressed the need for a comprehensive and complete night vision solution by introducing their PVS-14 “Starter Kit.” Priced at $6,399, this kit includes everything necessary to start using night vision devices effectively. The kit consists of a single-tube PVS-14 style night vision device with Armasight's Pinnacle tube, a gray Team Wendy bump helmet with a Wilcox shroud, a Wilson G24 mounting arm, and a gray Otte Gear OG Helmet Bag.

Components of the Kit

The Team Wendy bump helmet offers lightweight and affordable headgear, suitable for situations where ballistic protection is not required. It comes with accessory rails for mounting communication gear or small flashlights. The Otte Gear helmet bag is a well-designed and lightweight bag specifically designed to carry the helmet, night vision devices, and accessories. The bag offers ample space and includes dividers for organizing additional equipment.

The Wilcox G24 is the industry standard for night vision mounting arms, providing height and linear distance adjustments. The kit also includes two “J-arms” for attaching the night vision unit to the G24. Armasight's Pinnacle tube, rated for a minimum of 2000 FOM (Figure of Merit), offers good image clarity suitable for most civilian applications.

The Versatility of Single-Tube Devices

The PVS-14 style device, often referred to as “the AK-47 of night vision,” is considered the most versatile option for general use. It provides full night vision capability without the additional cost, weight, or complexity of dual-tube devices. The single-tube setup excels in mixed lighting environments, making it suitable for urban or suburban settings where total blackout conditions are not present.


Armasight's PVS-14 “Starter Kit” offers a complete and turnkey solution for individuals looking to incorporate night vision into their preparedness plans. While night vision devices can be costly, this kit provides a more accessible option for entry-level consumers. The convenience and comprehensiveness of the kit make it a solid choice for those starting their night vision journey. Remember, having access to effective night vision now is better than waiting indefinitely for a higher-priced system.

Source: Armasight


By: Patrick Diedrich
Title: Night Vision: Armasight’s PVS-14 “Starter Kit”
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Published Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2023 11:00:23 +0000

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