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Nonmetallic Weapons: A Guide to Concealable Self-Defense Tools

Warning! If you’re caught with a metallic or nonmetallic weapon in a non-permissive environment, the consequences may be severe. RECOIL OFFGRID assumes no responsibility for these consequences. Observe all local laws and only carry these weapons at your own risk.

Non-permissive environments (NPEs) pose a challenge for individuals who carry weapons for self-defense. These environments include places that restrict or prohibit the carrying of traditional weapons such as guns, knives, or even pepper spray. The enforcement of these restrictions varies, ranging from mere warning signs to threats of legal action and extensive searches with metal detectors. Dealing with the latter category can be particularly difficult, and it is the focus of this article.

It is important to note that carrying a weapon in any NPE is risky and can even be a federal felony. Disregarding posted regulations should not be taken lightly. However, there have been numerous instances that demonstrate NPEs are not immune to violence. Schools, movie theaters, public festivals, and political events, all legally declared NPEs, have witnessed active-killer events. Therefore, the consequences of being unable to defend oneself in such situations can far outweigh the risks of carrying a prohibited item and being asked to leave. Even if you are already trained in hand-to-hand combat, a concealed weapon can provide a significant advantage in a life-threatening situation.

Nonmetallic blades and spikes are harder to detect compared to their steel counterparts, whether you are being searched by a security guard or a criminal. However, it is important to note that not all the tools mentioned in this article are fully nonmetallic, and they should never be assumed to be undetectable. We have tested each of these tools using a cheap metal detector wand, and those that failed this test are guaranteed to be noticeable to professional-grade equipment. Moreover, many of them can be detected during a full-body scan or a thorough pat down or strip search.

That being said, these weapons offer a lightweight and highly concealable means of self-defense. They can be used as a backup to your primary tools in normal circumstances or as a stand-alone tool in non-permissive environments.

Bastion Carbon Fiber EDC Knife

OAL: 5.3 inches
Weight: 0.3 ounce / 1.2 ounces with sheath and chain
Metal Detector Test: Fail
MSRP: $30
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