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Prepper Supplies on a Budget: Shopping at Dollar General

For many preppers, the primary challenge lies in acquiring all the necessary gear and supplies to sustain themselves and their families during tough times.

Stocking Up on Essentials

While skills are crucial, nothing beats having the necessary items on hand when disaster strikes. This includes food, clothing, medicine, tools, and more.

Budget-Friendly Survival Shopping

Shopping for your prepping needs at Dollar General can help you save a significant amount of money while still ensuring you have what you need to survive.

Top Picks at Dollar General

Here are some essential items you can consider picking up at your local Dollar General store:

Food Staples

Dollar General offers a variety of canned and dried food items such as fruits, vegetables, flour, rice, and more – all essential for preppers.


Water is crucial for survival, and Dollar General stocks bottled water in various sizes, making it convenient to stay hydrated during emergencies.

Comfort Foods

Candy may seem like a luxury, but it can boost morale during stressful situations, providing a sense of normalcy.

Protein Sources

Beef jerky and nuts are excellent protein-rich snacks that can be valuable additions to your survival stash.

Utensils and Tableware

Disposable plates, silverware, Ziploc bags, and trash bags can simplify meal preparation and hygiene maintenance during emergencies.

Tools and Repair Items

Hand tools, scissors, duct tape, super glue, and pencils are versatile items that can help you tackle various tasks and repairs.

Lighting and Fire Starting

Flashlights, matches, candles, and lighters are essential for providing light, warmth, and signaling capabilities during power outages or emergencies.

First Aid and Personal Care

From OTC medications to bandages, gauze, gloves, and hygiene items, Dollar General offers a range of medical supplies to help you address injuries and health needs.

Protective Gear

Items like sunglasses, rain ponchos, hats, and socks can provide protection from environmental elements and help you stay comfortable during challenging situations.

Survival Essentials

Consider stocking up on additional items like planters, seeds, buckets, contact cases, reading glasses, and more to enhance your long-term survival preparedness.

By shopping strategically at Dollar General, you can build a comprehensive prepper stash without breaking the bank, ensuring you're well-equipped to face unforeseen challenges.


By: Tim Makay
Title: Prepper Supplies on a Budget: Shopping at Dollar General
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Published Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2024 08:35:48 +0000

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