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Personal Panic Alarm 130dB and Strobe

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Available in 3 colors – Black, Blue, and Pink


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Personal alarms have always been popular. They're easy to use, even in a panic situation. You can carry them anywhere and anyone can use them, from the elderly to children. In fact, some grade schools and colleges even provide them to all their students. At Safety Technology, we understand the importance of personal protection, so we've developed the Panic Pull Pin Alarm.

This incredible device was designed for easy activation with a ring-style pull pin. Even children and the elderly can slide their finger into the ring at the top of the unit to unleash a bright 350-lumen strobe light and an ear-piercing 130 dB alarm. This powerful combination will scare off any attacker and quickly summon help. The alarm can also be attached to your keys using the included key ring for added convenience. Just pull down on the body of the alarm, and it's activated.

Imagine walking alone at night, feeling a sense of unease and vulnerability. Suddenly, out of the darkness, someone approaches, their intentions unclear. At that moment, having the Panic Pull Pin Alarm within reach can make all the difference. With a simple pin pull, you unleash a blinding strobe light and a loud alarm that will startle your attacker and alert others to your distress. This is personal protection at its finest.

So why wait? Don't compromise on your safety. Get the Panic Pull Pin Alarm today and take control of your protection. Remember, safety should never be a question mark.

• Loud 130db Alarm
• Bright Strobe Light
• Fast Activation Pull Pin
• Non-slip Grip
• Attaches to your keys
• 1 Year Limited Warranty


Weight 0.15 lbs

Black, Blue, Pink


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