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Raccoons on the Roof? How to Scare Them

Motion Lighting

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals, so using motion lighting can be an effective way to scare them off your roof. The sudden illumination and exposure can increase their anxiety levels and make them retreat to seek cover. Install motion-activated lights around your home and on your roof to deter raccoons from approaching.

Loud, Sharp Sounds

Raccoons are startled by loud noises, so creating a ruckus can make them decide to leave. Yelling, banging sticks or boards together, rattling a trash can lid, or using a pail full of gravel can create sharp, loud sounds that scare raccoons away. Be cautious if they enter your house, as you'll need a different approach to get them out.

Garden Twirlers

Using wind-powered decorations like garden twirlers can help keep raccoons and other mammals away from your property. Choose bright, shiny reflective metal twirlers and strategically hang them around your home, especially near the known routes raccoons use to climb up to your roof. The glint and movement of these decorations can unsettle raccoons and discourage them from approaching.


Mothballs have long been used as a method to deter raccoons and other pests. Their strong odor, caused by a compound called naphthalene, is a deterrent for animals with sensitive noses, including raccoons. Place mothballs strategically around the foundation of your property, near areas where raccoons tend to climb up to the roof. You can also tuck them under shingles at the roof line and place them inside the attic near vents and potential entrances.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is an effective raccoon repellent due to its chemical composition, which is intolerable to many mammals. Although humans don't detect any odor, raccoons strongly dislike it. Create rings of Epsom salt around your home and other areas on your property to keep raccoons away. Refresh the salt periodically as it degrades and washes away.

Black or White Pepper

Raccoons have highly sensitive noses, and pepper can be unpleasant and irritating for them. Grind black or white pepper and sprinkle it in areas frequented by raccoons. The strong smell will cause them to cough and sneeze, associating your home and roof with discomfort.

Red Pepper Flakes or Powder

Red pepper flakes have a similar effect to black or white pepper in repelling raccoons. The compound in red pepper flakes causes temporary pain when it comes into contact with skin, mucous membranes, taste buds, or eyes. Sprinkle red pepper flakes around your roof and other areas where raccoons are active. The raccoons will experience discomfort but won't suffer any long-term harm.


Cinnamon, known for its wonderful flavor in desserts, is irritating to many mammals, including raccoons. Scatter cinnamon liberally in areas frequented by raccoons, ensuring you cover their approaches and climbing points to the roof. Create a thick perimeter of cinnamon around the edge of your roof to deter raccoons from climbing up.

Predator Scent

Raccoons are prey animals, and the presence of predator scent can make them more fearful and likely to avoid an area. Acquire predator scent from hunting supply retailers or pest control outlets and use it to deter raccoons. Place the scent near potential entrances to your home, especially if raccoons have already established a nest inside.

Boar Raccoon Scent

Female raccoons looking for a safe nesting place tend to avoid male raccoons, as they may harm their young. Use boar raccoon scent to scare off adventurous females and nervous young males from your property and roof. Spray the scent liberally and reapply regularly until the raccoons have left.

Remember to combine these methods with other preventive measures to ensure long-term raccoon control on your property.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

By: Tim Makay
Title: Raccoons on the Roof? How to Scare Them
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Published Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2024 12:50:46 +0000

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