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The 10 Best Survival Magazines for Preppers [2023]

Survival magazines are a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed, learn new skills, and be entertained. The best survival magazine is the one that provides informative and captivating content. In a digital world, having a physical magazine that you can pick up and read at your convenience is a refreshing change. If you're in search of a new read, we've compiled a list of the ten best survival magazines that you can try out. Half of these can be found at your local grocery store, while the rest can be located in bookstores with expansive magazine racks. You also have the option of subscribing to these magazines for delivery, and we've found the most affordable subscription options for your convenience.


  • A good survival magazine should have:

– Informative and entertaining content

– A variety of topics related to survival and self-reliance

– Good writing that keeps you interested and engaged

Now, let's dive into the list of the top ten survival magazines for preppers:

10. Self-Reliance

Self-Reliance magazine has been sharing valuable information on homesteading topics since 2016. With articles on foraging, solar power, homesteading farms, and pantry planning, this magazine equips you with the necessary skills for self-sufficiency. Originally a Kindle-only magazine, it became a separate publication from Backwoods Home Magazine in 2016.

9. Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms has gained a significant following since its inception in 2001, with over 100,000 subscriptions. This magazine appeals not only to homesteaders but also to suburban dwellers interested in small-scale farming.

8. Backwoods Home Magazine

Backwoods Home Magazine was started by Dave Duffy in 1989 and has been a popular choice for survival enthusiasts ever since. After a hiatus during which it was only available online, Sam Duffy took over the magazine in 2019 and brought it back to print. This magazine covers a wide range of topics related to self-reliance and homesteading.

7. Mother Earth News

With over 50 years of experience, Mother Earth News is a trusted authority on organic living, homesteading, DIY projects, natural health, and sustainable living. This magazine guides readers on how to live a fulfilling life with limited resources.

6. The New Pioneer

Published biannually, The New Pioneer describes itself as “the complete guide to self-reliant living.” It covers various topics, including gardening, livestock, preserving food, and other essential homesteading skills. This magazine is published by Athlon Outdoors, the same publisher behind several other magazines on our list.

5. The Backwoodsman

The Backwoodsman pays homage to wilderness survival skills and has successfully catered to survival enthusiasts for over four decades. Inside, you'll find articles that discuss survival without modern conveniences.

4. Ballistic

Although not a new publication, Ballistic has absorbed much of the content from the now-folded Survivor's Edge magazine. It is known as “the premier firearms and survival magazine,” with a particular focus on firearms. The editorial quality of this magazine is exceptional.

3. Backwoods Survival Guide

Jim Cobb's Backwoods Survival Guide covers the outdoors, homesteading, and do-it-yourself projects. With diverse subjects in every issue, this magazine caters to a wide audience and is ideal for both preppers and non-preppers alike.

2. Offgrid (Recoil)

Offgrid Magazine, published under the same umbrella as Recoil Magazine, delivers exceptional content for survival enthusiasts. The creators of these magazines have access to extensive resources, resulting in high-quality and engaging reads. While focusing on firearms, Offgrid also covers survival and prepping topics.

1. Prepper Survival Guide

Prepper Survival Guide may only be published four times a year, but it consistently delivers outstanding content. With ample time to curate quality articles, this magazine remains relevant and avoids redundancy. The Prepper Survival Guide team effortlessly provides fresh and valuable insights into the world of survival.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and stay safe!

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