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The Best Bug Out Bag Backpack for Survival and Prepping

This review is updated to reflect the most recent reviews on the best backpack for bug out bags. This was our first review, which we did five years ago. We will keep updating as new products become available.

Good bug out bags backpacks will protect your gear and take you where you need to be when things get bad. You can get there faster, smarter, for less money, with the best bug out bag backpack.

There are many backpack brands and types to choose from when bugging out. We have reviewed and tested the best bags, and we are happy to share our findings with you. These are the results: The best overall, tactical and budget options. One of our recommendations is the best backpack for you.

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  • The Best Backpack for Bug Out Bags

  • Tactical Backpack for Bug Out Bag

  • Budget Bug Out Bag Backpack

  • We Recommend

  • We compared Bags

  • What should you look for

  • How to Use the BOB Backpack

  • Who Really Needs a Backpack for BOB?

The Best Backpack for Bug Out Bags

Teton Scout55

Comfortable, lightweight, large capacity

This backpack has been tested and proven to be comfortable for long trips. It is spacious enough for all your gear.

Amazon: $90*

*Price as of publication; please check for price changes and sales.

Backpacking is simply people stumbling over long distances to have fun. There are a few differences. You may not be avoiding people or have more resources, but these bags were made to allow for long-distance travel. The bags are made with lightweight, heavy-duty fabric. To keep the bags light, they keep them free of decorations and straps. For mid- to long-range bugout travel, backpacking backpacks are ideal.

The 3400 cubic inch pack weighs only 4.5 lbs and is just 4.5 ounces. This bag is also one of our most affordable and has many five-star reviews. The Teton Scout55 is an excellent choice for a BOL if it's far from home.

Tactical Backpack for Tactical Bug Out Bag

HTML5_ 72.11 Rush 72 2.0

Flexible, customizable, and durable

The Rush 72's second iteration builds upon the strengths of its predecessor.

Amazon: $148*

*Price as of publication; please check for price changes and sales.

Tactical bags are a versatile, stylish, and functional bag. These bags are stylish and attractive and are sure to get compliments as well as second glances. Problem is, those second glances can prevent you from seamlessly blending in. Although tactical bug out bags can be heavy for long distances, they are very versatile and functional. Most bags have ALICE and MOLLE attachment points. This allows you to create modular kits based on specific threats. These backpacks are ideal for bug out travel, from low- to mid-range. The size of your backpack should be based on how much gear and the distance that you intend to travel.

This bag would not make the first rodeo in an SHTF situation. This bag is well-reviewed and highly recommended by military personnel and law enforcement. The 5.11Rush 72 2.0 tactical backpack is tough and can withstand abuse.

Budget Bug Out Bag Backpack

Venture Pa 40L

Functional, affordable, and light-weight

This huge backpack is affordable and durable enough to withstand any situation.

Amazon: $24*

*Price at the time of publication; verify for price changes or sales.

Venture Pal isn't a brand you want to be known for, but the bag manages to balance weight, price, and comfort. It's hard to find a bag that is 40 liters at such a low price, especially considering the results of our testing.

The Venture pal 40L backpack is the perfect choice for your bug out bag backpack.

We Recommend

Teton Scout 55

This backpack has been tested and proven to be comfortable for long trips. It is spacious enough for all your gear.

Where can I buy

$90* on Amazon

*At the time of review

5.11 Rush 72 2.0

The Rush 72's second iteration builds upon the strengths of its predecessor.

Where can I buy

$148* on Amazon

*At the time of review

Venture Pal 40L

This huge backpack is affordable and durable enough to withstand any situation.

Where can I buy

$24* on Amazon

*At the time of review

We compared Bags

We narrowed down the selection to the following backpack brands and types.

See our complete list of review criteria in the what to expect section. Each item is explained.

Even though these can be useful, we did not consider smaller bags and non-backpack bugout packs. If you're interested in grey man backpacks, we have another review. This is a popular option for Get Home Bags or EDC.

We are always on the lookout for better gear, so let us know if you have a backpack you love. Each year, we review all of our gear to ensure that it is included in the next roundup. If it does not make the cut, we will be able to see if we can beat it.

What should you look for

There are several key features that you should look out for in the best bug out bag backpacks:

  1. Value
  2. Functionality
  3. Durability
  4. Size and Weight
  5. Versatility

The right combination of these features will make a backpack that is reliable and can hold all your essential gear. We'll explain what each feature means to you so that you have a reliable backpack that you can trust with all your essential gear.

Value: Cost vs. Benefit

Your budget shouldn't be blown out by the amount you spend on a backpack. Do not overspend or do it too often. Spend wisely and budget according to your risks.

You don't want the wrong thing or to spend too much. There are many backpacks that are cheap, but there are also backpacks that serve a different purpose and won't work.

A backpack is one example of a resource that you don't want to overspend on. To ensure you're prepared for all scenarios, it is better to have a variety of tools and preparedness gear. Our top pick is the one that offers high-quality features at a low price.


Technically, any bag that can fit your gear may technically be a bug-out bag. You should consider more than that. It should be able to hold all your gear in a well-organized manner and be on your back, which has been scientifically proven to be the best place for carrying it (in most cases).

Of course, there are other options: roller bags (think of the airport), Pelican cases, and even the old bandana-tied-to-a-stick are all options for your bug out bag. Many bags/cases/boxes that don't have shoulder straps are being used for plans that exclude bugging out on foot. Congested roads, EMP effects and limited power resources can make it difficult to prepare for such situations. Some people have the basics down and won't need to lug their stuff around the country to get to their bug-out locations. To reduce the amount of gear and supplies that they need to take, some preppers will set up caches along their bug out routes. Keep your bug-out plans simple if you feel they are too complicated.


All of these improve durability, but at a price. These are worth the investment for survival. When you're navigating through the difficult situations that survival situations can present, you don't want your straps to break.

Your backpack should be taken care of so that it lasts as long you want. It shouldn't be exposed to the elements, and it should not be used for cutting. Keep it clean and apply common sense.

Size and Weight

You can vary the capacity of your bag. We explain why below. This can also increase the size and weight. You will soon notice how important ounces are when you travel long distances.

For bug out bags that are intended to be used for a long time, lightweight but strong textiles and straps will work well.


The tactical backpacks are known for their versatility. You can also add storage and compartmentalized your kit using ALICE, MOLLE, hook and loop or tied attachments. These are military-inspired and can be used in a variety of environments.

A bag with a larger capacity can allow you to carry more gear, if you have the weight.

How to Use the BOB Backpack

There are almost as many bug-out bag opinions as there are preppers. First, you have to decide if you really need one. If there is an imminent threat, preppers who live off the grid and have plenty of SHTF resources will not be able to pack a bag and head out. Urban preppers will be able to leave the city quicker than green grass through an ostrich. Whatever your situation, having a bug-out bag will increase your survival chances.

This is how the average male's backpack capacity compares with yours.

The key to finding the perfect bag is to find the “sweet spot” between portability and capacity. It all depends on the purpose of the bag. You can also choose how big a bag you can carry depending on your size and ability.

Here are some examples of kits that have been matched with the appropriate sizes:

  • EDC (Everyday Carry), – 10L to 30L
  • BOB (Bug Out Bag) 30L – 60L
  • INCH Bag 40L – 75L +
  • GHB (Get Home Bag) 20L – 30L
  • SCARE (Social Chaos, Response Emergency) Bag 10L – 20L

It may be obvious that these kits overlap with the 30L capacity. This is why this size is so beloved. Although you may be limited in size, you'll still be comfortable and not be too heavy.

Also, it is important to remember that the way you pack your backpack can make a huge difference. You should balance your backpack and ensure that you have access to all the essential tools. We discuss how to pack a backpack in detail: How to Pack Bug Out Bags – Packing Matters.

Who Really Needs a Backpack for BOB?

Although bug out bags are an essential survival and prepping tool, they can be difficult to remember for those not familiar with preparedness. This is unfortunate as ‘bugging out' and evacuating should be an option in everyone's preparedness plans.

Bag out bags are made to hold survival gear.

  • Bag

These kits can also be outfitted with bug out bags backpacks.

  • Home Bag

  • Everyday Carry

A backpack is a great way to be prepared.

How we review products: We do extensive research before selecting the best products for our reviews. Experts in the field are consulted to gain a better understanding about the gear's strengths and weaknesses. Gear is tested in harsh conditions and hours are spent testing it. We evaluate each item and assign performance criteria. Some of the items we review end up in our giveaways.

References and Sources

Our testing and experience in determining the best bug out bag backpack are useless without listing the research sources and references. These were our reference books, which we combined with our practical military and prepping experiences, helped us to make the best bug out bag backpack.

Harman, E., Hoon, K., Frykman, P., & Pandorf, C. (2000). The effects of backpack weight on load carriage biomechanics. ARMY REsearch INST OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. (Source)

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Labosier, C. (2019). Students at undergraduate colleges are aware of their preparedness and awareness. Emerging Voices in Natural Hazards Research. Pages 1-25. (Source)

The Final Word

If you're new to prepping, a bug out bag backpack is a good choice. However, there are some drawbacks to using different types. It may be easier to spend your time developing a disaster plan, learning about local threats, or finding other preppers in the area. It is essential to have the basics covered and to be aware of what resources are available.

All these bags can do the job, but they have different price points, comfort levels and capacities. The backpacking bags are second in durability, with the tactical bags winning the contest. You can tailor backpacking bags to fit your needs and they come in a variety of capacities. You can use your existing backpack or the Venture Pal to get the job done in most situations.

We are happy to recommend the 5.11Rush 72 2.0 for tactical purposes (sometimes in larger sizes) and the Teton Scout as our recommendation for all other uses.

These are some more details about Bug Out Bags.

  • Guide to Bug Out Bags, Tips and Checklist
  • How to Pack a Bug Out bag – Packing Matters
  • The Best Gray Man Backpack For Survival and Prepping

Continue to explore, be prepared, and stay safe.

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