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The ThunderCrow “Rough Out” Cowhide Leather Gloves: A Bushcrafter’s Best Friend

An Essential for Every Outdoors Enthusiast

Every wilderness adventurer knows the importance of owning proper gear. Among the must-haves is an unwaveringly reliable pair of gloves. Our spotlight falls on ThunderCrow “Rough Out” Cowhide Leather Gloves and their companion product, the ThunderCrow Glove Wax. As a duo, these two products deliver an unbeatable glove experience.

Ruggedly Resilient Leather Gloves

The ThunderCrow gloves are a unique blend of durability and comfort, crafted from rugged rough-out cowhide leather that is guaranteed to endure the toughest outdoor conditions. Treated with the ThunderCrow Glove Wax, they offer both sterling classic style and superior weather resistance, a combination that's hard to come by.

Comfort and Breathability: The Inner Liner

What sets these gloves apart from their counterparts is the clever incorporation of a nylon mesh liner. This liner dispels the occurrence of hot spots while allowing you to wear the gloves comfortably for extended periods. A significant plus, the liner also improves breathability—a critical factor for outdoor work during various seasons.

Practicality at Its Best: The Carabiner Hole

Thoughtfully designed, these gloves feature a sewn keyhole loop at the corner of each glove. An invaluable feature that lets you attach a carabiner easily, making for quick access to your gloves whether you're navigating dense forests or setting up camp. The convenience of having your gloves hanging from your belt or pack is indeed a game-changer.

Shankle Leatherworks Glove Wax: The High-Performing Partner

Complementing the ThunderCrow gloves is the equally exceptional ThunderCrow Glove Wax. Produced in small batches by Shankle Homestead Leatherworks in Ohio, this wax outperforms others tested, providing a second-to-none solution for protecting your gloves. It's simple to apply, and a comprehensive video guide is available to aid the process.

Beyond doubt, treating the gloves with the ThunderCrow Glove Wax enhances their performance immeasurably. It transforms the gloves into a weather-proof barrier protective against rain, snow or mud, enriches their look with a classic wilderness appeal, and fortifies them against wear and tear.

Be Ready for Anything Carabiner: A Bonus Boon

But that's not all! Every ThunderCrow glove order comes with a BE READY FOR ANYTHING branded carabiner. More than a branding move, this handy accessory underlines a structured preparedness theme—keeping your gloves easily reachable and saving you the frustration of rummaging through your pack when they're needed most.


The ThunderCrow “Rough Out” Cowhide Leather Gloves and Glove Wax, collectively, define a winning combination for the bushcrafting and survival enthusiasts. Alongside unmatched quality, comfort, and practicality, they also display elevated performance and a lifespan that promises a long-term investment. It is clear that with these gloves, you'd be absolutely ready to face whatever challenges nature may put in your path.

For those interested in owning a pair of ThunderCrow gloves, head over to the official Creek Stewart online store.


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Title: The ThunderCrow “Rough Out” Cowhide Leather Gloves: A Bushcrafter's Best Friend
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Published Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2023 18:23:04 +0000

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