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Top 10 Luxury Survival Equipment Wealthy Preppers Would Hate to Miss

Presenting a list of premium survival gear curated specifically for the ultra-rich survival enthusiast. This compilation features the best of the best in the market, making your shopping easier. Assuming you already possess basic survival essentials, this list dives into high-end alternatives for when things take an unexpected turn. Ready to explore the elite selection of gear available exclusively for affluent preppers? Let's dive in!.

A Bespoke Bulletproof Suit ($20,000)

Thanks to Garrison Bespoke and their partnership with US 19th Special Forces suppliers, a custom-made bulletproof suit comes to life. This state-of-the-art suit is crafted using carbon nanotubes, one of the world's priciest textiles that harden on impact. Weighing 50% lighter than Kevlar, this fabric adds more flexibility. Enrich your wardrobe with this masterpiece from the Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit series. But wait, are you geared up for survival? A survival castle for a bug-out location seems fitting next in line.

A Survival Castle Built for Luxury ($31,590,000)

Retreat to the charming coastal region of Calabria, Italy with a fortress castle that could serve as an excellent bug-out location for you and your companions. Priced at a dignified €29.9 million, the Castle of Roseto Capo Spulico is an architectural masterpiece. This fortress overlooks the Ionian Sea and has been reigning over the Gulf of Taranto since the tenth century. It's time now for a perfect mode of commute.

Ultimate Comfort in a Survival Yacht ($195,000,000)

Own a massive 375-foot yacht for easy and elegant movement, especially to your Italian fortress castle retreat. Navigate from any part of the world to your beautiful Italian hideaway with this yacht offering ample space for your survival essentials. You could even start a garden on one of its decks. Remember, you might need some friends to manage this mammoth vessel.

The Need for More: A Helicopter on Standby ($1,400,000 )

Keep up the luxury quotient with a reliable, expansive airframe. It might not match the splendor of your previous purchases, but the Agusta AW119 Helicopter ensures a safe and swift journey to your castle. It's sizable enough to carry your yacht essentials and fits nicely on your yacht. Lessons to fly this beauty would then become inevitable.

Become an Ace with an International Helicopter Pilot’s License ($60,000)

Learn to navigate your new aircraft with flying lessons from Hawaii Pacific Aviation. A great small fortune to spend to adapt to your fascinating lifestyle. Alternatively, gift the course to a prepper friend to share the luxury and convenience.

Upgrade to a Solar 15,000 Watt Complete Kit ($20,000)

Make an eco-friendly move with a modern, reasonably priced 15,000W 60KWH Solar Kit. It's a perfect pick to power large homes with robust performance.

Bullet and Explosion-Proof Camera ($24,000)

Reinforce your security system with explosion-proof and bulletproof cameras. This gear withstands attacks and provides sturdy monitoring; however, it might not be resistant to spray paints at this price range!

A Calorific 1.7 Million Calorie Food Storage Kit ($11,000)

Stay ready with enough food to last a lifetime. 4,320 servings. 1,726,560 calories. 1,108 pounds. 30-year shelf life. Packed in durable #10 cans, these foods last long if stored in controlled environments. This food security from Legacy Food Storage is absolutely worth the investment.

A Shiny Metric Ton of Silver ($800,000)

Secure your survival finances with bullion, a preferred choice in wary times. Acquire 1,000 bars of silver to ensure continuous service from your castle staff.

Luxury Doomsday Bunker ($10,000,000)

Having doubts about filling a castle with companions less wealthy than you are? Secure a spot for yourself in a luxury doomsday bunker. This underground shelter safeguards you in style. Choose from various shelters based on your budget, and share a shelter with fellow wealthy individuals for a luxurious apocalypse experience. Affordable bunker accommodations start at $35,000 per head.

The Final Word

The question is not whether you can afford these extravagant items but whether possession of them enhances your preparedness. Luxury survival isn't always about expensive gadgets, gear, and lifestyles. Balance, prudence, and practicality count. Remember, stay prepared and stay safe.


By: Rusty Collins
Title: Top 10 Luxury Survival Equipment Wealthy Preppers Would Hate to Miss
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Published Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023 11:01:35 +0000

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