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Top 10 Military Surplus Suppliers Online

This article serves as an updated guide on the most reliable military surplus suppliers available online. As more military surplus sites, stores, and dealers continue to emerge, this guide will be continuously updated to provide the latest information.

Why Military Surplus?

For individuals in search of military surplus items such as bags, vehicles, survival equipment, or bug-out land, certain suppliers consistently deliver top-quality products. Surplus stores offer the opportunity to acquire military equipment at exceptional prices, making them a popular choice among savvy shoppers.

The US military budget exceeds 750 billion dollars, with only a fraction allocated to military personnel. A significant portion is dedicated to operational costs, including procurement. Consequently, a substantial amount of surplus military equipment enters the secondary market annually.

Is Army Surplus Cheaper?

Military surplus gear is typically more affordable than equivalent civilian gear, even if it's never been used. Governments authorize the sale of large quantities of surplus equipment to make room for newer gear in active service. While some surplus items offer better value than others, the following list highlights the top 10 online suppliers for military surplus:

10. Action Surplus Eugene

Action Surplus Eugene, based in Eugene, Oregon, may not be the largest surplus store, but it boasts a solid inventory of quality military gear. They often stock the hard-to-find ECW sleep system at competitive prices and offer local pickup for larger items.

9. K-1 Military Surplus

Located in Nashville, North Carolina, K-1 Military Surplus specializes in new and used surplus items. With over 2,700 listings, this store provides a wide selection of military gear at excellent prices.

8. MRE Depot

For food rations and MREs, MRE Depot in San Clemente, California, offers a range of options, from specific ration types to entire cases of meals ready to eat. Customers can choose individual entrees instead of preset menus.

7. Allegheny Surplus Outlet

Based in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Allegheny Surplus Outlet is known for its affordable used surplus items. With over 1,500 items in stock, this outlet caters to customers looking for quality military gear on a budget.

6. Gear Rack

Specializing in surplus and collectibles, Gear Rack is an online-only store that offers a diverse range of surplus options. From standard-issue US gear to rare international collectibles, customers can find a plethora of items to choose from.

5. Gov Planet

As a Richie Bros auction site, Gov Planet allows customers to bid on a variety of government surplus items available at multiple pickup locations across the US. The site features large lots of gear, vehicles, and specialized equipment.

4. GSA Auctions

GSA Auctions, a US government-run auction site, provides access to surplus equipment available for purchase. While the site may have fewer listings compared to other platforms, it offers a selection of surplus items from government agencies.

3. Uncle Sam's Military Surplus

Uncle Sam's Military Surplus, an online store based in the Midwest US, offers a wide range of surplus goods. While the store has evolved over time, it remains a reliable source for military surplus equipment.

2. Coleman's Military Surplus

Located in Millersburg, Pennsylvania, Coleman's Military Surplus is a large international dealer known for its diverse product selection. Customers can find unique surplus items, including international military gear.

Army Navy Outdoors Military Surplus is another reputable supplier based in Texas, offering a variety of surplus deals at competitive prices. With a focus on quality used gear, this supplier ensures customers receive items in the expected condition.

The Best Military Surplus Gear to Look For

When exploring military surplus options, consider looking for items such as gas masks, rucksacks, military clothing, ammo cases, and generators. These surplus items are not only cost-effective but also valuable additions to various kits, including home survival kits, bug out bags, and everyday carry (EDC) essentials.

By leveraging military surplus items, individuals can acquire high-quality gear at affordable prices, enhancing their preparedness levels and overall safety.


By: Sean Gold
Title: Top 10 Military Surplus Suppliers Online
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Published Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2024 10:05:04 +0000

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