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Top Off-Grid Homesteading YouTube Channels to Follow

Looking for inspiration and guidance on off-grid homesteading? Dive into the world of self-sufficiency with the top creators on YouTube who share their knowledge, experiences, and tips. Discover the best off-grid homesteading YouTube channels that offer a glimpse into the rewarding lifestyle of living off the land.

Understanding Homesteading

Homesteading involves creating a self-reliant lifestyle by establishing a home or land where individuals strive to produce their own food and resources sustainably. Techniques such as gardening, raising livestock, and preserving food play a crucial role in the homesteading lifestyle. Many homesteaders also explore off-grid living by generating their energy through renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines.

10. Appalachia's Homestead

With 482,000 subscribers, Appalachia's Homestead, founded in 2014, offers insights into self-sufficiency and eco-friendly practices. Patara, the host, shares her journey of escaping suburbia to embrace homesteading while providing valuable tips and community-driven content.

9. Becky's Homestead

Becky's Homestead, with 544,000 subscribers and established in 2006, is a go-to channel for quintessential homesteading experiences. Becky covers a wide range of topics with a focus on sustainability, community engagement, and practical advice for aspiring homesteaders.

8. Kris Harbour Natural Building

Kris Harbour's channel, launched in 2015 and boasting 565,000 subscribers, showcases sustainable homesteading practices in the wilderness of Wales. Kris documents his off-grid living journey, including building his home and utilizing solar and hydropower systems.

7. Homesteading Family

Founded in 2016, Homesteading Family has 695,000 subscribers and offers diverse homesteading tips, with a specialization in garden and pantry organization. Josh and Carolyn share their expertise in creating a thriving homestead while emphasizing practical solutions for everyday challenges.

6. Arms Family Homestead

Living their best life in Oklahoma, Arms Family Homestead, established in 2011 with 862,000 subscribers, provides a glimpse into rural homesteading with a touch of charm, including appearances by a miniature donkey.

5. Bushradical

Brooke and Dave Whipple's channel, Bushradical, launched in 2017 and reaching 1,060,000 subscribers, offers a unique perspective on homesteading. With multiple cabins and a wealth of experience, Dave's channel stands out for its engaging content and insightful tips.

4. Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes, a homesteader since 2012, shares his journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainable living. With a focus on regenerative agriculture and holistic practices, Justin's channel provides valuable insights for those looking to embrace the homesteading lifestyle.


By: Rusty Collins
Title: Top Off-Grid Homesteading YouTube Channels to Follow
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Published Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 12:52:25 +0000

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