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Uncovering Unprecedented Bargains on Prime Big Deal Days

The first-ever Prime Big Deal Days are already showcasing an impressive collection of discounts on prepping supplies and survival gear.

Though it seems as if we just wrapped up the annual Prime Day extravaganza in July, it seems Amazon is revisiting the concept of customer savings with this new, Prime-exclusive, event. This phenomenon fills a considerable gap between Prime Day and the upcoming epic holiday season.

How Does Prime Big Deal Days Cater to Holidays?

With the holiday season approaching, it appears this sales event could not be timed better. As children start perusing big-box chains' catalogs, this event seems more like a stepping stone towards holiday shopping.

However, it's not just early-bird Christmas shopping that's in the cards. Prime Big Deal Days presents an excellent opportunity to ramp up your survival kit.

Unveiling the Essence of Prime Big Deal Days

Despite having some similarities with Prime Day—the Amazon-created holiday designed to clear out overstock—this Prime-exclusive event seems more attuned to the holiday season.

Admittedly, the title – “Prime Big Deal Days” – might not roll off the tongue easily, but what is undeniable is the incredibly lucrative deals planned for these sales fest.

The Anticipation of Prime Big Deal Days

Usually, specifics about the deals are closely guarded secrets until the moment of unveiling. However, being affiliates allows a sneak peek into some of the items set to go on sale. Still, decorum demands that details remain confidential until the official announcement.

Consequently, this page will be updated at around 7 a.m. EST on October 11th and 12th with information about these deals, alongside exclusive early access offers.

A Glimpse into Prime Big Deal Days Categories

The categories upon which these deals are focused can vary, but it's a safe bet that prepping and survival are a significant focus.

Among these categories, prominent deals usually feature Amazon-branded products or ‘Amazon Basics'.

Seizing Spectacular Savings on Amazon Basics

To a prepper, a 20% discount for purchases exceeding $50 on Amazon Basics evokes the sweet harmony of considerable savings. Such a deal allows survivalists to stock up on essentials such as batteries, wet wipes, and trash bags.

This promotional link highlights eligible products worth checking out:

Lower cost doesn't necessarily translate to inferior quality. Some of our product reviews have shown that low-cost products, such as rechargeable batteries and trash bags from Amazon Basics, hold up well.

Electronics: A Prime Focus

Prime Days are famous for showcasing a plethora of electronic products. This doesn't mean only TV's and game consoles are discounted, but also interesting products like the EcoFlow and Anker's portable solar panel.

Embrace Outdoor Survival with Prime Big Deal Days

Outdoor survival, albeit gear-intensive, is a crucial aspect of preparing. Some of our top selections will be showcased and this list will update frequently as deals go live, ensuring current pricing and availability is always displayed.

Movies: A Prime Big Deal Days Attraction

Considering their vast movie assortment is on sale, movie enthusiasts may find this an appealing time to purchase or rent their favorite movies. In addition, a range of titles from our extensive survival movie list are included in the deal, presenting an excellent opportunity to clear your watch-list.

Stocking Up on Essential Supplies

Whether you're amassing food supplies or creating a sustainable garden, Prime Big Deal Days offer some valuable deals to help you stock up for those rainy days.

Some of our top choices include:

Closing Thoughts on Prime Big Deal Days

Take advantage of these remarkable deals before stock levels deplete or items are back-ordered. With Prime Big Deal Days providing an arsenal of savings, your holiday shopping or survival kit updates can be swiftly accomplished. This will free up plenty of time for you to focus on more fun activities during the holidays.

For additional deals or gift ideas, consider checking out our gift guides and free Kindle book list:

Stay curious, stay prepared, and stay safe.


By: Rusty Collins
Title: Uncovering Unprecedented Bargains on Prime Big Deal Days
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Published Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2023 11:03:38 +0000

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