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creative travel diversion safes

Ingenious Travel Diversion Safe Ideas for Protection

Elevate your valuables secure while on the go with ingenious diversion safe ideas. Disguise items in everyday objects like hairbrushes, soda cans, and outlets. Transform ordinary books or deodorant sticks into hidden compartments. Repurpose sunscreen or lint rollers for inconspicuous storage. These camouflaged safes blend seamlessly among your belongings. Boost peace of mind knowing your valuables are discreetly protected.

Hairbrush Diversion Safe

When searching for a discreet way to hide your valuables while traveling, think about using a hairbrush diversion safe. These clever safes look like regular hairbrushes but have hidden compartments inside where you can stash your cash, jewelry, or other small items. They blend in seamlessly among your other toiletries, making them an inconspicuous hiding spot.

Hairbrush diversion safes are perfect for keeping your belongings safe in places like hotels or shared accommodations where you may not have access to a secure safe. Thieves are unlikely to give a second glance to an ordinary hairbrush, making it an ideal disguise for your valuables.

To use a hairbrush diversion safe effectively, simply unscrew the handle or remove the top to reveal the hidden compartment. Place your items inside, screw the handle back on, and voilà! Your valuables are now safely hidden in plain sight.

Next time you travel and want to ensure your belongings are secure, think about adding a hairbrush diversion safe to your packing list for that extra peace of mind.

Soda Can Safe

Add a soda can safe to your travel security arsenal for a discreet way to conceal your valuables while on the go. These clever diversion safes are designed to look like ordinary soda cans, making them inconspicuous and perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, or small documents.

The soda can safe works by having a hidden compartment inside that can be unscrewed or opened, allowing you to stash your items inside. Whether you're at the beach, in a hotel room, or exploring a new city, this sneaky safe can blend in seamlessly among your other belongings.

Incorporate a soda can safe effectively by placing it among other real cans in your bag or luggage. Thieves are less likely to target a common item like a soda can, providing you an added layer of security. Remember to choose a soda can safe that matches the brands commonly found in your area for a more authentic look.

Stay one step ahead of potential theft by including a soda can safe into your travel essentials. It's a simple yet effective way to keep your valuables safe and secure while you focus on enjoying your adventures.

Outlet Safe

Incorporating an outlet safe into your travel security strategy offers a discreet and effective way to safeguard your valuables. Outlet safes are cleverly designed to look like regular electrical outlets, but they actually provide a hidden compartment where you can store small items like cash, jewelry, or important documents.

These safes are ideal for hotel rooms or Airbnb accommodations where you may not have access to a traditional safe. Simply remove the faceplate of the outlet safe to reveal the secret compartment where you can stash your belongings. It's a convenient and inconspicuous solution to keep your valuables secure while you're on the go.

Outlet safes are easy to install and can provide peace of mind knowing that your items are safely hidden in plain sight. Just remember to choose a secure location to install the outlet safe, such as a less conspicuous area in the room, to boost its effectiveness.

Make sure to check the outlet safe regularly to confirm your items are secure and undisturbed throughout your travels.

Book Safe

Let's talk about the clever idea of a Book Safe for your travel security needs.

This discreet safe allows you to hide your valuable items within the pages of a book, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

It's a smart and inconspicuous means of protecting your belongings while on the go.

Secret Book Compartment

Transform an ordinary book into a clever secret compartment utilizing a book safe. This ingenious method allows you to discreetly store your valuables while blending in seamlessly among your other belongings.

To create a secret book compartment, start by selecting a book that looks inconspicuous on your bookshelf. Ideally, choose a book having a hardcover to guarantee durability. Using a sharp blade or a craft knife, carefully cut a rectangle into the pages of the book, making sure to leave a border around the edges.

Remove the cut-out pages and apply glue to the remaining edges to secure them together, creating a hollow compartment inside the book. This hidden space can now be used to store cash, jewelry, or other small items that you want to keep safe while traveling.

Remember to choose a book that won't attract attention, ensuring that your secret compartment remains undetected.

Hidden Travel Valuables

Contemplate crafting a book safe for discreetly concealing your travel valuables. When you're on the go, keeping your belongings safe is crucial. Ponder these tips for creating a hidden travel valuables book safe:

  • Book Selection: Choose a book that won't attract attention, like an old dictionary or a classic novel.
  • Cutting Method: Use a sharp craft knife to cut a rectangle into the pages, ensuring it's deep enough to hold your valuables.
  • Gluing Pages: Secure the outer edges of the cut pages with glue to create a solid compartment.
  • Valuable Placement: Store your items in the hollowed-out section, making sure they fit snugly for minimal movement.
  • Discreet Display: Keep the book safe among other reading materials on a bookshelf or in your luggage for added camouflage.

Crafting a book safe is a clever way to protect your valuables while traveling, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.

Deodorant Safe

For a discreet and clever way to store your valuables while traveling, consider using a deodorant safe. This nifty travel hack involves repurposing an empty deodorant stick to hide your cash, small jewelry pieces, or other must-have items in plain sight.

Simply clean out the deodorant container thoroughly and dry it before placing your items inside. The inconspicuous nature of a deodorant safe makes it a great option for keeping your valuables secure while on the go.

When selecting a deodorant safe, opt for a brand that closely resembles the ones commonly used to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. Make sure the deodorant safe fits snugly with no rattling noises to prevent suspicion.

Remember not to mix your valuables with actual deodorant to avoid any unwanted mishaps. This simple yet effective diversion safe can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are cleverly concealed during your travels.

Sunscreen Safe

Contemplate repurposing an empty sunscreen bottle as a clever diversion safe for storing your valuables while traveling. This simple yet effective idea can help you keep your belongings safe in plain sight.

Here are some tips to make the most of this ingenious travel diversion safe:

  • Select a clean, empty sunscreen bottle: Confirm the bottle is thoroughly cleaned and dried before using it as a safe.
  • Use a waterproof container for your valuables: Place your items inside a small plastic bag or container to protect them from any sunscreen residue.
  • Blend in among other toiletries: Keep the sunscreen safe with your other toiletries to avoid drawing attention.
  • Place in a beach bag or backpack: Carry the sunscreen safe in a bag alongside other beach essentials for added camouflage.
  • Reapply sunscreen as needed: Remember to actually use sunscreen from the bottle to maintain the illusion.

Lint Roller Safe

Contemplate repurposing an empty lint roller as a discreet diversion safe for safeguarding your valuables during travel. This clever trick allows you to optimize your blending in seamlessly while ensuring your belongings remain secure.

Simply remove the sticky sheet from the lint roller and stash your cash, jewelry, or other small items inside the tube. The inconspicuous nature of a lint roller makes it an ideal hiding spot, as it's unlikely to attract any unwanted attention.

To augment the camouflage, you can even leave a small portion of the sticky sheet at the top to maintain the appearance of a regular lint roller. This way, even if someone inspects it, they're less likely to discover your hidden treasures.

When packing for your trip, contemplate including this makeshift safe among your necessities for added peace of mind. By utilizing this simple yet effective technique, you can enjoy your travels without worrying about the safety of your valuables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Hairbrush Diversion Safe Be Used as an Actual Hairbrush?

Yes, the hairbrush diversion safe can also serve as a typical hairbrush. It's crafted to appear and feel like a genuine brush, offering a discreet method to conceal valuables. Just keep in mind to handle it carefully to preserve its cover.

Is the Soda Can Safe Refillable With Real Soda?

Sure, you can refill the soda can safe using real soda. Just make sure to clean it thoroughly before pouring your favorite drink in. Enjoy the added security while sipping on your refreshment!

Will the Outlet Safe Fit All Types of Outlets?

Yes, the outlet safe is designed for fitting most types of outlets commonly found in homes and hotels. It provides a discreet way for storing your valuables while traveling, offering peace of mind and added security.

How Many Pages Can the Book Safe Hold?

When looking at the book safe, you'll find it can cleverly hold around 100 pages. It's like a hidden treasure chest for your secrets, blending seamlessly among your other books for discrete protection.

Can the Deodorant Safe Be Taken Through Airport Security?

Yes, you can take the deodorant safe through airport security. It meets the requirements for carry-on items. Remember to follow all guidelines and regulations in order to guarantee a smooth security screening process during your travels.


To sum up, these ingenious travel diversion safes are a clever way to keep your valuables safe while on the go. By choosing options like a hairbrush, soda can, or even an outlet safe, you can easily outsmart potential thieves.

Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry, so why not try one of these diversion safes during your next trip? After all, as they say, better safe than sorry!

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