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Best Places to Hide a Knife on Your Body

Hidden knives within reach have altered the course of history. While things might not be that dramatic for you, a well-placed knife can indeed give you a fighting chance in a bad situation. It can also help you get some work done while staying discrete the rest of the day. There are only a few drawbacks when you hide a knife on your body, like safety and legal concerns.

Concealing a Knife

The trick is finding a place on your body that is out of sight. There are several places to pick from- all with their advantages and disadvantages. You'll know when you've found the right spot- it will feel natural and comfortable while giving you a leg up in everyday preparedness.

Are Concealed Knives Illegal?

There are no federal laws on whether concealed knives are legal in the United States, so the rules fall to the states. Many states have specific laws about blade size and opening action (like switchblades), but concealment is a different animal.

Horizontal Carry Belt Sheath

Putting a sheath horizontal on your belt is the most popular option and allows for easy access. This method is usually called the ‘scout carry'. You can put it anywhere you can fit it on your belt, as long as it is parallel it fits the bill. But most people prefer it on the center of their back, especially with larger blades.

CCW Off-Hand

If you carry a CCP, this knife placement is usually recommended. This is clipped inside your pants/belt opposite of your draw side. Knives designed for this have this placement in mind and include short talon-like blades.

Up a Sleeve or On the Arm

Out of all of the options, this is the most difficult to execute but it is like something straight out of a spy movie. There are a few ways you can go about getting it done, and they all require long sleeves for concealment.

In the Pocket

The most common place to conceal a knife is in your pocket. Most folding knives are carried in a pocket, and when they're in there most states consider them concealed!

Boot Clip or Ankle Wrap

The boot knife concealment option is a popular pick for backup blades and self-defense. In the 1800s, this was called the gamblers dagger, and it was used to confront cheaters.

Boot Laces

Lacing a knife onto your boots or shoes is relatively easy, and a better concealment option than you might think. Just make sure you don't lace over the pommel or have them get in the way of any guard.

Neck Knife

A survivalist favorite, the neck knife is a sheathed knife you carry as a necklace. Vikings and Native Americans both used the neck knife carry position.

Shoulder Sheath

The underarm shoulder sheath is just like it sounds and similar to the CCW placement often seen in gangster and detective movies. It is a great concealed option that isn't tough to access quickly.

Where NOT to Put a Knife

Two of the worst places to try to carry a knife are on your backpack shoulder strap and on the same side as your CCP.

The Final Word

Knives are great tools for survival and self-defense. If you need to hide a knife on your body, there are plenty of spots to pick from. Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.


By: Sean Gold
Title: Best Places to Hide a Knife on Your Body
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Published Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2024 12:24:48 +0000

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