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How to Create an Effective Faraday Cage: 9 DIY Options

Preppers nowadays are concerned about EMPs, which can wreak havoc on electronics and the power grid. To protect your gear, consider using a Faraday cage. Here are nine items that can function as Faraday cages:

Metal Trash Can with Lid

A galvanized metal trash can with a tight-fitting lid can protect large electronics, tools, and chargers. Insulate the interior with foam or other materials to prevent contact with the metal.

Metal Paint Bucket

Similar to a metal trash can but on a smaller scale, a paint bucket can serve as a portable Faraday cage. Insulate the interior with materials like foam or packing paper.

Holiday Popcorn and Cookie Tins

Stackable tins with tightly fitting lids can be used to store flat electronics like data drives. Insulate the interior and ensure no gear touches the metal.

Cardboard Box and Foil

Line a sturdy cardboard box with aluminum foil to create a makeshift Faraday cage. Ensure the foil is flat and uniform to provide protection against EMPs.

Metal Ammo Can

Metal military ammo cans can be repurposed as small Faraday cages. Insulate the interior and ensure a tight lid to protect electronics.

Metal Storage Cabinet / Locker

Large metal cabinets or lockers can function as Faraday cages with some modifications. Cover holes with foil and add insulation inside the cabinet.

Galvanized Metal Piping

Threaded caps on galvanized pipes provide a snug fit for protection against EMPs. Insulate items stored inside the pipes for added security.

Metal Mesh

Fine metal mesh can be used to create small or large-scale Faraday cages. Line a box with mesh or construct a frame for larger items like vehicles.

RFID Blocker Bags

Specialty RFID blocker bags designed to protect electronics from skimmers can double as Faraday cages. These portable and durable bags effectively block EMP energy.

Consider these DIY Faraday cage options to safeguard your electronics and gear from potential EMP threats.


By: Tim Makay
Title: How to Create an Effective Faraday Cage: 9 DIY Options
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Published Date: Sun, 12 May 2024 08:45:14 +0000

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