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Rimfire Pocket Pistols: A Comprehensive Guide to Compact Firearms

Rimfires have always been essential tools in disaster preparedness due to their lightweight nature and versatility. These firearms offer accuracy, minimal recoil, and are great for pest control and hunting small game like squirrels and grouse. While rimfire rifles and target pistols are popular among shooters, the idea of a rimfire pocket pistol was once met with skepticism. However, advancements in materials, manufacturing, and ammunition have made rimfire pocket pistols a viable option for self-defense and specific applications.

The Evolution of Rimfire Pocket Pistols

In the past, rimfire pocket pistols were often made of substandard materials and suffered from reliability issues due to dirty ammunition. However, with the introduction of new rimfire ammunition like Federal Punch, Winchester Silvertip, and Hornady Critical Defense, the performance and reliability of these pistols have significantly improved. These modern rimfire rounds are optimized for short-barreled firearms and offer impressive penetration and expansion capabilities.

Rimfire Pocket Pistols: The New Standard

Today, rimfire pocket pistols are considered reliable, capable, and concealable options for shooters. With the ability to achieve a 3- to 4-inch group at 10 yards, these pistols are suitable for various tasks, including self-defense as a backup weapon or for individuals sensitive to recoil. Manufacturers like Bond Arms, North American Arms, Standard Manufacturing, Ruger, Trailblazer Firearms, and Mossberg offer a range of rimfire pocket pistols to cater to different preferences and needs.

Notable Rimfire Pocket Pistols

Bond Arms: Honey B
The Bond Arms Honey B is a compact Derringer chambered in .22 WMR. With interchangeable barrels in multiple calibers, this pistol offers versatility and ease of shooting.

North American Arms: Ranger II
The Ranger II from North American Arms features a top-break design for easy loading and unloading. Chambered in .22 WMR/22 LR, this revolver combines classic style with modern functionality.

Standard Manufacturing: Switch Gun
The Switch Gun from Standard Manufacturing is a compact single-action rimfire revolver that folds into its grip. With a unique design and ease of use, this pistol is a standout in the rimfire market.

Ruger: LCP II
Ruger's LCP II in .22 LR is a reliable and accurate pocket pistol ideal for concealed carry. With a lightweight design and impressive accuracy, this pistol is a top choice for self-defense.

Trailblazer Firearms: Lifecard .22 WMR
The Lifecard from Trailblazer Firearms is a foldable single-shot pistol available in .22 WMR. Compact and easy to conceal, this unique pistol is perfect for discreet carry.

Mossberg: Brownie
The Mossberg Brownie, a vintage four-shot Derringer in .22 LR, offers a classic design with modern functionality. While no longer in production, the Brownie remains a sought-after collector's item.

Overall, rimfire pocket pistols have undergone significant improvements in design, reliability, and performance, making them a practical choice for shooters looking for a compact and versatile firearm option.

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Title: Rimfire Pocket Pistols: A Comprehensive Guide to Compact Firearms
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